About Au Enterprises Inc.


Since 1987, Au Enterprises has been on the move. As our many clients in the business trade will attest, we’ve changed a great deal since “the early days.”

But in some ways–in the ways that really matter–we haven’t changed at all. And we never will.

For example…

  • Our business is still built around the 3 C’s: Casting, CAD and CAM.
  • We still provide the same attentive, one-on-one service that earned us a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We still offer a comprehensive suite of a la carte, start-to-finish, business-to-business jewelry manufacturing services—from rendering to shipping.
  • We’re still expanding our capabilities in response to customer needs.
  • We still devote 100 percent of our manufacturing resources to Au customers, rather than developing a competitive in-house line.
  • We still refuse to out-source, preferring to scale up our own staff and equipment to meet project requirements as needed.
  • We still welcome the challenge of complex, time-sensitive projects.
  • We’re still as flexible and agile as ever, ready and willing to take on unconventional projects ranging from Civil War button and badge reproductions to retro “bling” for popular TV shows such as Pan Am.
  • We still have the same mission: to provide unsurpassed manufacturing services for business trade customers ranging from small independent retailers to multibillion-dollar corporations.

So what has changed over the years at Au Enterprises?

  • More choice – Today, you’ll find we offer an even wider array of options in gold, platinum, palladium, silver, stainless steel, bronze. and aluminum.
  • More customers – The Au client roster has grown to include international, multbillion-dollar jewelry retailers whose names are synonymous with luxury and quality.
  • More diversification – State-of-the-art technology has enabled us to expand into new industry domains by offering precision prototyping services for small part manufacturers.
  • More industry involvement – Au Enterprises founder and CEO Linus Drogs serves as a technical and manufacturing consultant for Palladium Alliance International, working at sites from San Francisco to Switzerland. Linus has also served as a judge for the MJSA Innovation Award and the Johnson Matthey Sustainability Award, and as a speaker at the Santa Fe Symposium.
  • More expertise – We’re more committed than ever to hiring only the best in the business. Our staff consists of professionally trained technicians and jewelry craftsman with years of experience in the field.
  • More services – Including direct precious metal machining, hand and laser engraving, and training sessions on new manufacturing processes, conducted at sites throughout North America and at the UK’s renowned Jewelry Institute of Birmingham.
  • More environmental awareness – All materials used at Au Enterprises are eco-friendly and conflict-free.