Computer-Aided Design

Au has been providing CAD services for over 10 years. We’re experts in translating your ideas into polished designs.

Our clients often approach us with little more than a concept for a piece. The team at Au can take those conceptual ideas, whether from a sketch or just a verbal description, and turn them into working images through Computer-Aided Design.

Au works in a wide range of CAD software including Matrix, Rhino, ArtCAD, and JewelryCAD.

Once presented with a visual prototype of your piece, you’ll work with Au to make any needed adjustments to the design. We’ll work with you until the piece is exactly as you envisioned.

Once you’ve approved the design, Au can create a physical model, ready for molding or casting with the most suitable CAM process, or simply deliver the STL file to you.

We are able to guarantee delivery dates upon request, but our standard turnaround times, from concept to design, are as follows:

CAD— no more than 2 weeks
CAM— no more than 3 days
Total time— less than 2.5 weeks