Au provides a full range of jewelry finishing services to meet the needs of every customer. In order to achieve the desired effect, Au will assist you in determining the best finishing techniques for your product. Whether you’re looking for a highly polished piece, one with a more industrial finish, or something in between, Au’s finishing expertise is there for you.

Customers may choose to have Au turn out a single piece or an entire line that includes any or all of the following steps:

1) Unfinished or Raw:
In this initial step, the casting will be sonic-cleaned, pressure-washed, and pickled. The skin, as well as the sprue or gate, will remain in place at this point and the finish is typically dull. In other words, we “clip and ship.”

2) Magnetic or “Pin” Tumbling:
Details of the piece receive a brighter casting in this step, yet no metal is removed. There will be a slight increase in the hardness and the resulting finish is semi-bright. The sprue or gate remains in place.

3) Burnished or “Steel Shot” Finish:
In this stage, broad surfaces receive a bright finish and the piece becomes “work hardened.” Burnishing has only a marginal finishing effect on any details. The sprue or gate remains in place.

4) Sprue (Gate) Removal:
The piece is separated from the tree and any nub remaining from the casting process is removed.

5) Machine or “Disc” Finish:
In this stage, the casting is bench prepped. The first step is a wet process using ceramic pyramids and results in a smooth surface. Secondary steps are dry processes that achieve an even brighter finish.

6) Complete Hand Polish:
If you’ve chosen to take advantage of the preceding stages, Au will take the final steps to ensure your piece is ready for retail delivery.


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